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Terrance Alan Lien

(From daughter Mary)

"Well, Pops. You sure as shit lived one hell of a life. You’re a hero, a rockstar, a storyteller and the coolest dad and grandpa ever. I’m always going to miss your stories and your laugh. There’s so much we could share about you lol “The most interesting man in the world” But I’m glad you’re no longer suffering and finally at peace. It’s tough to say “you’re gone” but I know you’re still living within all of us. I’ll be keeping John Lennon on repeat for awhile. I love you, Pops ♥️ Always and forever."

(From Iowa Home Care)

Terry was part of the 132nd ASHC (Assault Support Helicopter Company) in the Army from 1966-1969. He turned 18 years old during basic training at Fort Lewis in Washington. He was a Flight Engineer, and was Crew Chief on a CH-47 helicopter. His crew delivered supplies to firebases (which moved around constantly), and also unfortunately had to help haul away deceased soldiers. Terry spent 1.5 years straight in Vietnam. He is extremely grateful to all men and women that sacrifice for our country, but feels even losing one soldier is too much. He is proud to have served with so many incredible soldiers.

Terry is originally from South Dakota, but after returning home from Vietnam, eventually ended up in Des Moines as a radio disc jockey! He had a 15 year career in radio, before moving on to a new adventure driving a semi all over the country. Recently, Terry enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren, and his rescued cat, Spooky.



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