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Janie Dudney

Janie Sue Dudney passed away June 14th at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. A sudden heart arrhythmia took her, but it happened quickly and without pain. Janie and her twin sister Jamie were born November 22, 1965. Adopted by James and Geraldine Hankins, the twins had a wonderful childhood. Janie was diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy, a muscular condition which would become more pronounced throughout her life, but which never slowed her down. She would have many regrets in her life—failed marriages, and estrangement from her children, Melinda, Melody and Christopher. Despite the distance, she always loved them. The final thirteen years of her life were spent with Edward Hegstrom, her friend/companion/spouse in all but name. They loved traveling, trying new restaurants and enjoying the local theater scene. Janie especially loved her dog and cats, and particularly her beloved black cat Pabu. There was no more perfect day for Janie than a Saturday spent on a long, aimless drive with Edward, singing along to favorite songs under a blue sky decorated with fluffy clouds. The two of them loved each other more with each passing day. Janie would wish any donations in her name be made to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa or to Shriners Hospitals, to help animals and children to be loved and free of pain.



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