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Bradley Kevin Gulick

“The shattering of a

broken heart…

when being broken is the

loudest quiet ever”

Bradley Kevin Gulick

October 7, 1958 –April 6, 2023

To describe Brad would be impossible. We called him the “FLEA", the Foremost Leading Expert on Anything, because he had opinions about everything you might bring up in a conversation. He seldom took his own advice and was eager to share his wealth of knowledge with you.

His friendships were extensive and varied, but many centered around his lifelong career in home improvement of installing windows, siding, and as they became more popular, the walk-in bathtubs. He took on jobs that were always challenging and even took longer than he expected. For example, he was remodeling his own kitchen for over 3 years, and it still had not been. He kept busy doing odd jobs for others all of his life. He took pride in every project he took on. This past year was difficult as his health declined, but he managed to rebuild my 50 year old picnic table and to get a gutter installed across the front of my garage (which were no small tasks). He always had his sidekicks, LeRon & Harley, to assist him on every project and to assure that his customers were satisfied with the results.

He especially loved fishing and spent every season, until recently, out at his favorite fishing spots on Big Creek where he brought home Crappies to enjoy with the Iowa Morels in the springtime. He also was so happy with his Sunday Ticket so he could watch all the football games and just loved discussing them with his stepdad, Lee Johnson, who was also an enthusiastic sports fan. His primary focus always was taking care of me and he would visit me almost every single day, until his health declined, and being able to sit on the couch and drink coffee with me remained his primary goal in getting better. He loved talking on the phone and his phone calls were so routine that he even sometimes would call me up to 8 times a day.

Here are some comments from family members:

His sister Caroline Gulick “Any of my Facebook friends out there know I rarely post anything personal, but my big brother loved his Facebook, so hopefully he’s up there on his big laptop in the sky and he will see this. Brad died this morning. He was the kindest most loving person. He didn’t have much, but he would give you what he could and make do with the rest. He treasured his friends and family; I hope all of you that were lucky enough to call him your friend know how much he loved you! I will miss our talks (and his pep talks), for all the rest of my days. I love you bubber.”

His son Ryan Lantz “Last week this planet lost a special person!! Not only was he the realest person. You never had to guess what was on his mind, he would gladly let you know his opinion. Not only was he a Son, Brother, and an amazing Grandpa. He was also known as Dad to my brother Christopher Nelson and myself. That man not only gave me life but gave me and his family so many great memories!! It is very hard to even believe he’s gone!! I love you, my Dad!!”

His sister Deanna McDanel “On behalf of my family, with a very heavy heart we wanted to share that my brother Brad Gulick passed away this morning. We are all still in shock, but at least he didn’t suffer. He always had a smile on his face, knew a lot about everything (or at least would interject his opinion always), and loved to talk (especially on the phone). He would always tell you he loved you and laughed a lot. He had some health complications lately, but fought every day to get better, always with being able to take care of our mom as his motivation. He didn’t live a life of luxury, but he was happy with what he did have. I know he is in heaven reunited with my dad (his stepdad) fishing, having a tall boy Budweiser and a smoke. Rest in peace. Love you Bud!”

He is survived by his mother (me) Dee Johnson of Des Moines, Iowa; his sister Caroline Gulick of Reno, Nevada; his brother Dana Johnson, spouse Lisa, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; his sister Deanna McDanel, spouse Chad, nieces Malia & Blakely McDanel, of Iowa City, Iowa; his son Christopher Nelson, spouse Rachel, grandchildren Sophie & Sawyer Nelson of Indianola, Iowa; and his son Ryan Lantz, grandchildren Abigayle, Isabelle & Hunter Lantz of Adel, Iowa.

Some of his last sentiments were to take time to live your life to the fullest and don’t work too hard. He was not afraid of dying, and he died the way he wanted it… fast and painless. He loved us all with his whole heart and will be missed by us & by YOU!


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