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Deborah Morris

Deborah believed in the power of education and dreamed of seeing her children go to college, get degrees, and not only survive but thrive in this world. And to prove her dedication and belief in the importance of degrees and the doors they can open, she went back to school. Already a grandmother, with her eldest child undergraduate and graduate level schooling complete, and her younger children in college at the time, she studied and earned her degree.

Deborah holds a degree in Applied arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Fashion design. With a talented eye for fashion and passion to express the best this world has to offer, Deborah has designed and sewn many articles of clothing for herself, members of her family and sold some creations to people across the country. Some of those notable creations occurring more recently in the latter years of her life. Designing the wedding and sewing the wedding gown for Emanuel and Chanice’s wedding. Designing and sewing a gown for a cotillion ball. And many other suits, dresses, and gowns throughout the years. Her taste and vision in fashion has positively affected the community and her children.

Deborah had nothing but kind things to say about everyone. One of the most important lessons she has instilled in not only her own children, but any youngling that will pull up a chair and listen, is to hold your tongue if you can’t speak life in a moment. Because the power of life and death resides in the tongue. She was an incredible mother and grandmother with the “old school” ability to take something small and create a grand meal. There wasn’t always the meal that was desired, but there was always a meal and everyone was well loved and well fed.

Above all else, Deborah was a woman of faith. A faith that she prayed and willed into her children and grandchildren. Her favorite passage of scripture, Matthew 17:20-21 “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you." And she believed with all of her being that anything is possible through Christ Jesus.

Preceded in death by her Father REV H.K. Evans and Mother Annie Lucinda Evans, Husband Robert H. Morris, Son Rashad Morris, daughter Shenica Graham, and brother Kenneth Evans.

She is survived by her children, Stevland (Ashley) Morris, Rahkeem (Trisha) Morris, Emanuel (Chanice) Gulley, Shawndra Morris, Raheem (Samantha) Morris, her siblings Halita, Virgina (Herbert) Logan, Celia (Zebedee) Bell and a host of grand-children, cousins, nieces, and nephews.


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