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Jeffrey Garretto

SUNRISE 10/27/1958 SUNSET 08/21/2020

Jeffrey Phillip Garretto “JEFF Sr” age 61 of Des Moines, IA Passed away suddenly on August 21st 2020 at 09:40 due to complications of raspatory cardiac arrest.

Jeff will be missed by many whom lives he touched and though born in Racine Wisconsin, Jeff lived most of his life in southern California where he attended Downey High School, he then took to the skill of “Old School” auto mechanic, Jeff became so entuned with the sound of a vehicles that most of the time he could tell you what was wrong simply by listening to it. He spent his remaining 30 years residing in Des Moines, IA.

Jeff was always known for his rough, tough, and hard to bluff personality. If you met Jeff it wasn’t without first experiencing the torcher of his mega handshake … you all know “the hand grip”.

He welcomed you into his home to throw back some beers, take a few shots while he enlightened you with his philosophical discussions and at the end of the day you were always invited back.

Jeff enjoyed creating the ultimate dishes and often enjoyed a challenging competition with his granddaughter Giuliana for whose dish was the best.

He also enjoyed cranking his classic rock music for his bird “ECHO” as they rocked out to the music.

He took pride in his gardening and creating a relaxed landscape to enjoy while feeding all the neighborhood birds and squirrels.

Jeff is survived by his significant other Debra Christina Orlando

His children: Daughter- Michele Marie Serrano “Israel”, Susanne Lee Grill, both of California. Daughter Candice Nicole Devila “Ishon” of calif, sons Jeffrey Salvatore Garretto and Daniel Phillip Garretto both of Iowa (mother) Proceeded by Joyce Naomi Garretto.

Grandchildren: Giuliana of Iowa, Emma, Christopher, Matthew, Angelina, Israel, Isaiah, Anthony, James, Xavier, Amber, Dezirae, Joseph, Gabriella and Jorden all of Calif.

Great Grandchildren: Marilyn and Damian both of Calif.

Parents: (mother) Valera Jean Grill and (father) Louis Alfonso Grill both of Washington.

Siblings: John Richard LeAir “Critter”(full), Jody “Scott” Grill (half), Jacquie “Lety” Dinsmore (half), two brothers in New York (half), Richard Keith Grill (step), Bertha Lucille Rodgers (step) Rogean Maria White (step)

Raised as siblings: Jerry Allen LeAir, Joy Jo-Ellen LeAir and Jeremy Curtis LeAir.

As well as all the beloved Aunts/Uncles, Nephews and nieces, and cousins and friends that will miss you dearly

Jeff was proceeded in death by: his natural father: Salvatore Phillip Garretto of New York, his maternal grandfather Even “Spec” LeAir of Calif and his Maternal grandmother Nola Grace LeAir of Wisconsin, and little brother Jimmy “Happy” Victor LeAir of Washington.

Services will be held this Saturday August 29th 2020 at 2pm -8pm @ 1111 Randolph St Des Moines, IA 50315 Please join us to Celebrate the life of Jeffrey P Garretto “Jeff” this is a potluck music, BYOB and Bring your stories to tell. This was Jeffs wish that his family and friends would join together.


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