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Candace Ritzler

 Candace LaRee Ritzler, age 56, of West Des Moines, previously Avoca, passed away from natural causes on October 21st, 2023. Candace was born to Douglas and Iva Marie Hotlz on April 18th, 1967, and grew up in Avoca, Iowa. She graduated from Avoca High School in 1985. In school she was in many different clubs and was always having fun and making amazing memories with her friends. She moved to Des Moines and went to AIB. She became an insurance agent where she built close relationships with her colleagues and clients. At work she always tried to make sure everyone had a good day by making up little games to play and with her giant bowl of candy to share. Her favorite things to do were to paint, listen to music and dance, make pottery, write, and spend time with her daughter and grandson. Their favorite birthday tradition was playing The Beatles song “Birthday” and running around dancing and singing as loud as they could. She was a kind and fun-loving person who always wanted everyone to have a good time. She was a free spirit who loved nature and always saw beauty in the imperfect. Candace is survived by her daughter Alexandra McPherren, her grandson Bentley, her mother Iva Marie Holtz, her sisters Tara Holtz Bordeaux and Jerece Cheers, and her 6 nieces and nephews Alysha, Chandra, Brayden, Tyler, Terin, and Ryder. There will be a celebration of life in Avoca, Iowa on June 8th. There will be a post on her class Facebook page with the details.


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